Preview: That Day, Pages 1, 2 and 3

“That Day”is an 8-page original short horror comic which tells the story of what happens to a quiet couple relaxing by the pool, at their beach house, one summer morning. Entirely digital creation with Manga Studio, Google SketchUp and Photoshop; written with Mobile Word.

Page 1:

That Day, page 1


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Birth of a Webcomic

Journey of the Volunteer

It starts one day when a web publisher asks you for samples showcasing various styles of work, for some art page on their web portal. The deadline being pretty short, you create a few illustrations that could be postcards, cartoons, paintings. One style is missing: we need a comic book page. Since you don’t want to use any of the current work — most of them not finished anyway — we come up with a short action sequence from a sci-fi story inspired by numerous European graphic novels: “Journey of the Volunteer“. Read…

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Sneak Peek – That Day, Page 1, Panel 1

That Day: page 1, panel 1

A nice way to test some new hardware/software drawing equipment. You know you made it when the tools disappear and the story and artwork shine through. Read…

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Sneak Peek – Noah: Journey of the Volunteers

Tentative cover showing logo and book subtitle, with art from excerpt strip

This piece of cover artwork shows the new title’s logo and the book subtitle. “Noah: Journey of the Volunteers” will be a regular comic strip (read the excerpt from the original idea). I’m thinking of making more than a weekly webcomic. Several updates a week seem more than likely. Read…

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Violence, The Original Page

Translated from the original French. With some minor color added for a more appealing look. I like this story because it is weird and probably not typical of my style. A more complete, expanded version is in the works; you’ll probably find a few pages published in the Graphic Novels pages soon. We’ll see how you react to it.

Violence preview

Click to read this comic.

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Journey of the Volunteer

Journey of the Volunteer

I posted the original strip. The final story is somewhere down the line. Not soon I’m afraid. There are quite a number of other stories to be delivered before I can get to it.

Check it out here.

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A Blast from the Past

I might post this one later in the originals section. These are pencil pages of an original story involving a certain well-known superhero. Actually, part of a story. These pages served their purpose, although I never followed through. Read…

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A Warm Welcome

Introducing here The Supervisor (it’s a code name). That’s all I can say or show for now. But it’s a good introduction to this new site. A sneak peek of multimedia things to come real soon.

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